European Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO)

  • Since the introduction on July, 1st 1998 of the new Plant Protection Act of 14 Mai 1998 in conjunction with the Plant Protection Regulation of 17th August 1998, the respective regulations of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) have been forming the basis of the efficacy evaluation of pesticides within the registration procedures.

    The EPPO directive (PP 1/241 (1)) aims at

    • enabling not to require field trials in some registration procedures and thus
    • enabling to reduce the number of required field trials, also on the part of the regulatory authorities
  • EPPO climate zones map (PP1 241 (1))

    For that purpose the EPPO has discussed a Europe-wide map of comparable climate zones which should enable the transferability of field trials conducted in one country to another to support registration processes and so make them easier to manage.

    A Site Similarity Certification (SSC) is hereby a powerful tool which contributes to put into practice the EPPO target of simplifying and harmonising the registration of plant protection products across Europe.

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