Risk Evaluation

  • Data of Risk Evaluation

    Your requirements

    In preparation of the field trials for the registration of a plant protection product or a seed variety under the new EU directive, you want to locate your trial sites in such a way that similar as well as different results are to be expected.

    You want to analyse the risk potential to be expected in each trial site due to their specific site characteristics and to classify that risk potential into risk categories.

    Content of a Risk Evaluation

    In addition to the satellite image information and the standard parameters (see StandardSSC), the Risk Evaluation takes into account further parameters which are analysed for the relevant periods to be compared. These can be:

    • Relative humidity

    • Temperature

    • Amount of precipitation

    • Days with precipitation

    • Sunshine duration

    • Cloudy days

    • Yield level

    • Etc.

    Your certificate contains

    • a risk assessment into risk categories

    • textual explanations

    • satellite images

    • graphs

    • a table-based comparison of the different parameters