SBI presented SSC technology on the European Evaluators meeting at AGES

SBI received appreciation and suggestions from the European Evaluators and the EPPO

  • After SBI had presented its SSC technology on the meeting of the European evaluators and EPPO on October 3rd 2012 at AGES in Vienna, the participants discussed the benefits and possible outcomes of the new SSC technology.

    The European evaluators feedback included that the SSC technology provides a

    • more scientific approach than the simplistic EPPO climatic zones
    • basis considering the appropriateness of trials from elsewhere
    • comparison of conditions during the period of active growth and PPP application
    • more robust basis for considering the extent to which trials from member states or regions are interchangeable
    • high level of detail useful in building an understanding of the variability of conditions found in a zone and in Europe
    • standardized description of the trial sites 

    The European evaluators suggest for future consideration that

    • the differences within and between the member states need to be covered
    • this approach should not be misused for reductions in the overall level of testing
    • the conditions in a given trial should be related to the averaged conditions reported in the SSC
    • it is important to ensure PPP are tested under a range of conditions
    • the criteria for comparability are based on an expert judgment considering the interrelation of all relevant site-specific parameters
    • SSC is one component in determining the relevance of the trials, for example agronomic practices and pest biology are also important

    All aspects considered, the evaluators appreciated the potential to apply the SSC technology to their daily work and to use it as a valuable supplement to the registration documents. They will stay in dialog with SBI to influence the further developments of the technology according to their needs. The participants are employed by the national registration authorities in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.