SSC provided by SBI successfully supports a fungicide registration

  • In November 2012, BUMPER 25 EC, a plant protection product produced by Makhteshim Agan, was re-registered on the basis of a Site Similarity Certification (SSC) provided by Spatial Business Integration, Germany.

    BUMPER 25 EC is a systemic foliar fungicide of the triazole group, with protective and curative action. It is especially effective in the control of Basidiomycetes (Puccinia, etc), Ascomycetes (Erysiphe, Mycosphaerella, Sclerotinia, Rhizoctonia, etc) and Fungi Imperfecti (Septoria, Cercospora, Monilinia) pathogens. BUMPER has broad spectrum activity against a wide range of fungal diseases of wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, maize, grass, turf, banana, coffee, pecan, sugarcane, beets, stone fruits, peanuts and ornamentals. The product is registered and marketed in more than 40 countries in Europe and around the world.

    The product had already been registered since January 1995. In November 2006, documents were submitted to the Portuguese registration authority Direcção Geral da Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural for re-registration, according to EPPO Guideline “Foliar diseases on cereals (EPPO PP 1/26 (3))”.

    The Biological Assessment Dossier written by Dr. Bernd Stratmann from ADC GmbH was based on trials conducted over several years in typical areas for cereal production in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom. The re-registration had been applied for in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Great-Britain. After the clarification of questions and submission of complementary information, BUMPER 25 EC was successfully re-registered in November 2012. The SSC enabled the acceptance of trial results achieved in the Maritime EPPO Zone for target sites in the Mediterranean EPPO Zone. No trials had been conducted in the target sites in the Mediterranean EPPO Zone.

  • Mr. D. Karmon, Makhteshim Agan

    Makhteshim Agan has been one of the first customers for a SSC of Spatial Business Integration. Under the lead of Danny Karmon (photo, right), the European Development Manager at the time, Makhteshim Agan recognized, as soon as 2006, the benefits of this new technology which enables the comparison of trial sites on the basis of satellite images linked with other parameters. From satellite image series, Spatial Business Integration processes the dynamic of biomass growth and compares the growth habit of crops between two growing regions, together with all relevant parameters required by the EPPO guidelines.

    If the parameters are similar, Spatial Business Integration elaborates a Site Similarity Certificate (SSC). Trials which were conducted in the one region would lead to similar results in the other region. That implies that the trial results are transferable from the one region to the other. “Without SBIs’ path breaking SSC technology we would have had to conduct additional, cost-intensive trials in the target region and the compilation of the BAD would have been delayed by at least one year”, Danny Karmon, now Senior Product Manager at Makhteshim Agan stated.

  • Dr. Bernd Stratmann, ADC

    “SSCs reduce time to market and are always helpful to complete the data set if, for example, in one year trials haven’t led to suitable results because of low pest pressue”, Dr. B. Stratmann explains (photo, left).

    Today, SBI not only successfully applies satellite image technology for site similarity analyses between growing sites, but also supports many plant protection products companies in the early planning stages of their field trial programs. SBI assesses the optimal locations for pest trials by analyzing the site-specific biomass growth derived from satellite images, calculating the weather conditions favouring the pest development and spatially analyzing the risks of the pest outbreaks. Thus, within the framework of zonal registration projects, fewer trials become necessary, since the selected trial sites offer a greater probability of success. Thanks to this technology, registration authorities are able to verify that trials were conducted in those sites which cover the full range of conditions in terms of, e.g., soil, weather and other parameters. This confirms to registration authorities that all relevant conditions were encountered in the trials because it is scientifically traceable and documented by SBI.

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