Satellite-based Site Similarity Certification versus field trials

Top down versus Bottom up

  • Spot samples - Interpolation

    Field trials: Bottom up approach

    • Local data
    • Private data
    • Small number of areas
    • Pest and Plant Protection Product oriented


    Homologations are granted for countries or zones. Transferring Field trial results from one region to the other is based on very small samples. The results of the field trials must be interpolated to a country or a zone.

  • Using 100% of arable land

    Site Similarity Certification: Top down approach

    • Earth Observation (EO)-based information
    • Regional data
    • Official data from authorities
    • 100% of the arable land coverage
    • Site characteristics (biomass etc.)


    A SSC elaborates the comperability of sites on the basis of total arable land. Instead of a small sample, satellite data of the entire regional arable land are analysed. By using long time series short-term effects are smoothed.