• Evaluation of risk potential

    Your situation

    As a consultant you want to advise an agrochemical company in the strategic planning of trials. So far, field trials had to be carried out in 42 different sites throughout Europe for a single plant protection product. Under the new EU directive the field trial program shall be streamlined. To ensure the transferability of field trial results, trial sites shall be identified in which a similar plant growth and similar site characteristics can be observed. Moreover, sites shall be identified in which variations are expected.

    How a Risk Evaluation can assist

    A risk evaluation ascertains similar and divergent sites on the basis of satellite imagery and the parameters required for the field trials of a plant protection product. These sites are also analysed in terms of the risk potential due to their specific site characteristics.

    Risk classes are formed and at the end both the similar and divergent sites are identified and classified according to their risk potential. Now, field trials in only 29 growing sites are required to a full validation of all the results.