Quick Check

  • Data of a Quick Check

    your requirements

    You need to quickly find out whether two agricultural sites are similar in terms of the development of biomass and thus suitable for the elaboration of a SSC including all required EPPO parameters. Or, you are looking for a site which is similar to one for which field trial results are already available for the elaboration of a BAD.

    Goal of a Quick Check

    A Quick Check assesses the qualification of growing sites for a possibly following SSC.

    It is based on satellite image data which are analysed to determine whether the biomass and vitality of the host plants develop on a similar level. The satellite image data of the growing sites to be compared are analysed for the period in which the pest may occur and the plant protection product is applied.

    Should the Quick Check assess the qualification for a SSC, then there are indeed good chances that an ImageSSC or a StandardSSC proves the similarity of the sites. However, this is not mandatory. Conversely, the likelihood is small of finding similar sites in the case that the Quick Check didn’t assess the qualification for a SSC.

  • Result: Qualification Matrix for SSC

    You receive

    A document including

    • A list of your requirements (description of the crop, of the disease, of the pest, of the site)

    • Maps for the localisation of the sites to be analysed

    • A matrix with the statement for each site pair that the sites are “qualified” or “not qualified” for a following SSC.

    Should a SSC be elaborated on the basis of the Quick Check, the results of the latter are of course incorporated in the SSC.