SBI organizes ESA workshop for Agrochemical Industry

  • EO Technology for Agrobusiness

    In an opening workshop representatives of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Agrochemical Industry intended to find out whether beneficial sustainable structures for the exchange of strategies could be implemented. Owing to its manifold relationships to companies of the Agrochemical Industry, Spatial Business Integration (SBI) had been engaged by ESA to organize a joint workshop.

    On the base of potential strategic operational areas of Earth Observation (EO) in the field of agriculture which had been identified by SBI both sides discussed the benefits of satellite imagery technologies. Both industries, EO and Agrochemical, have similar long innovation cycles, from the idea and the development up to the launch of products. This holds for both, the development and launch of new sensors on new satellites as well as the research of new active substances for plant protection products and their introduction on the agricultural market.

    The workshop organized by SBI shall provide the basis for coordinated EO strategies between both industries and create a solid foundation for a long-term cooperation for the benefit of agriculture and plant protection.