Quick Check for Transfer Analysis

  • Reference (blue) and Target sites (yellow)

    Your situation:

    You are planning to register your product for the protection of winter wheat in Spain. Your product is applied during the stage of mass growing. Efficacy and selection trials have already been conducted in several regions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and France.

    Reliable results are thus available from these trials. You want to use these results for achieving the authorization of your product in Spain so that it can be sold and used.

    Your question:

    Are there winter wheat growing regions in Spain with similar site characteristics as in your reference regions in Poland, The Czech Republic, Germany and France? Where are these regions located?

  • The satimage vegetation indices are compared

    Our solution:

    A Transfer Analysis is conducted, analyzing and evaluating the similarities of your reference sites in Poland, The Czech Republic, Germany and France with all Spanish growing regions which come into consideration.

    For that purpose, the development of vegetation indices extracted from satellite images of the last 10 years and thus the biomass development in the winter wheat growing regions is analysed. For each region and for the duration of the mass growing phase, which is the phase being relevant for the PPP application, the biomass development is represented as a function of time.

    The vegetation index curves are analysed, assessed and compared for each pair of sites. The pairs of sites for which a similar development can be verified are selected as qualified for a detailed site analysis.

  • Result matrix of the pairs of sites compared

    As a result you receive

    A matrix displaying the pairs of sites for which similar site characteristics may be expected. In the following, this can be verified in a SSC.

    The matrix supplies you with a first evaluation where similar sites may be located. It is generated mostly computer-based and within manageable time and effort.